BR Series LED Flood Lights

9 Reasons to buy LED Flood Lights (BR Series)

Using bulged reflector (or BR) flood light bulbs is the best way to light up your home. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and capabilities, there’s a perfect fit for every outdoor or indoor lighting need. From the kitchen to the family room, you can keep your life illuminated with warm, comfortable light. Today’s LED flood lights are brighter than ever before, burning longer and stronger when you need light most.

BR bulbs are available in three unique models: BR 30, BR 30 Dimmable, and BR 40. The number included in the product title indicates the diameter of the lamp, allowing you to choose the model that will provide the right product for your home lighting needs. All bulbs in our BR series come with a E26 Edison base, making it possible to outfit almost any light fixture with specialized light bulbs.

LED Flood Lights are your best choice for 9 reasons:

  1. Perfect fit for recessed lighting
    BR bulbs blend in seamlessly with ceilings and track lighting kit, providing bright light in common living spaces and hallways.
  2. Reduce shadows
    Featuring a unique frosted coating, BR bulbs give off smooth, gradual light that “fades in” rather than unnatural, harsh light.
  3. Featuring a 110° beam angle, providing for a wide flood area
  4. Turn on instantly
    No gas build up is involved like in traditional bulbs, ensuring that lights turn on immediately without flickering or making noises.
  5. Mercury-free bulbs
    All LED lights we sell, including all bulbs in the BR series, are mercury-free, meaning that they are safe to throw away without a trip to a special disposal facility.
  6. Bulbs come in dimmable styles
    Equipped with dimmer switches, you can choose the brightness right for any occasion
  7. Cool and safe to the touch
    Unlike traditional loght bulbs, BR bulbs are cool to the touch, even when lit.
  8. Equipped with SMD2835 LED chips
    These unique LED chips allow for high efficiency and a larger heat sink area, allowing the bulb to produce more lumens per watt.
  9. BR bulbs are all UL-Listed and EnergyStar Certified an IP60 rating for indoor use
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