About Us

We start our day by helping you brighten yours!  

Our mission is to light up every house and business with quality LED lights at affordable prices.


We started Total Lights as a solution provider for residential and commercial customers to have a reasonably priced source for commercial grade high quality LED lights.  Total Lights stands out in the lumens per dollar value so there is no need to sacrifice quality.   We stand behind our lights and to prove it, we  provide warranties that range from 22 years to 27 years based on 3 hours of operation daily. Each product listing has our warranty chart for you to review.

We know that there are many places to buy LED bulbs and we want you to think of LED lighting as a convenient, easy online purchase.  Our warehouse staff takes pride in shipping quickly and accurately.

Our LED bulbs are durable and packaged properly so they won’t break during shipping.

We are proud that our lights go through rigorous quality testing and have the highest certifications available: UL listing, DLC, and EnergyStar.

We love the superior light created by LED bulbs and we have switched over our own houses.  With LED lighting you can customize your environment by choosing the color temperature (See chart) and adding strip lights to accent architectural features or hard to light areas of your home / business.

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Customer Service Information

Our physical shop address
9889 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas 77036


Business Hours
9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday t Friday)