Can I connect multiple LED strip lights together using one power supply?

Short answer: Yes with some conditions.

The RGB strip lights we carry – in total are lit using 5-amps at 12-volts. If you wish to buy more than one kit and connect them together, you will need to purchase an additional power supply. (We do not sell them in our store) Otherwise, the ends will not light up or be very dim.

Let’s do some short and simple math:
Each strip requires 2.6 amps at FULL brightness.

If you connect 2 strip light kits to one power source (totaling 600 10M/32-feet LEDs at 5.2 amps), you will need at least a 6-amp power cord.

If you need to connect 3 strip light kits (totaling 900 LEDs 15M/48-Feet at 7.8 amps), you will need at least an 8-amp power cord to light up all the LEDs at full brightness with no dimming.

This 8-amp 12v AC Power Adapter will be perfect for you if you wish to connect 2 or 3 strip lights:

And the math goes on… We would typically recommend at max 3 strip lights to be connected to a single power source for safety reasons.

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