Do I have to plug the RGB strip lights into a power source? Or can I use batteries?

Short answer: YES you can power our strip lights to an external battery source

The DIY lighting kit we offer is a 12v led strip. This means they do need power to work, but since they are DC voltage, you can rig up your own power supply and connect to that.

You can use a single 12V battery

A 12V battery will work fine without plugging the RGB strips into an outlet. No need to use the attached wall cord.

Less power needed for smaller strips

The entire strip of 300 LEDs needs only 5-amps; just enough to power 60-watts. If you cut the strip shorter, you’re able to use a small battery supply.

Common batteries to use

A battery holder with 8 alkaline batteries can work as well. You may use AA, C, or D and connect the holder straight to the LED strip. To save space, most users connect 2 9V batteries to a regulator circuit.

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