How Krystal saved $169.15 on her bill just by replacing 8 bulbs in her kitchen

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Here’s the thing:

While there are numerous studies and facts about how LED lights are safer, brighter, and cost-efficient than CFLs or traditional bulbs, most people are turned off by the upfront price.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s a simple story of Krystal who chose to ditch the 8 bulbs in her kitchen alone and replace them with LED flood light bulbs.

Just by keeping the existing lights in her kitchen, she knew she was wasting money.

Here’s the simple math she did.

She has 8 bulbs, each is 65 watts. In total, she is paying for 520 watts to light up her kitchen.

Convert that to kilowatts (divide by 1000) = 0.52 kw.

On average, she leaves the light on for 8 hours (that’s a lot… but we’re not judging) So yearly that’s 2,920 hours of usage.

To calculate her kwh that her electric company charges her for, she multiplies 0.52 x 2920 = 1518.4 kwh

On average, in the USA the cents per kilowatthour is 12.93 (source:

To get her yearly cost, she multiplied 1518.4 x 0.1293 which came out to be $196.33

That means…
Every year, for keeping the 8 lights on in her kitchen, she was paying $196.33 a year!

She came on our website ( and bought 8 of the 9-watt LED flood lights.

These bulbs only use 9 watts of energy but are brighter than her old 65 watt. On top of that, they are safer, recyclable, and she knew she was going to save money. But how much?


If you want to see the quick math, here it is:

8 bulbs x 9-watt = 72 watts

72 watts / 1000 = 0.072 kw

8 hours x 365 = 2920 hours in a year

0.072 kw x 2920 = 210.24 kwh

210.24 kwh x 0.1293 = $27.184032

Her old bill ($196.33) minus her new yearly bill ($27.18) is $169.15

$169 bucks is a lot of money. She saved $14 a month on her electric bill which added up through the year.

You’re probably thinking “Great! But she still paid something UPFRONT to get that savings.” You’re right.

Our BR30 bulb that she purchased is $9.99 x 8 bulbs which totals out to be $79.92. Let’s say you use coupon code BRIGHTER at checkout (10% off) and you save $7.99. Add the shipping on top of that $21.55 and the total is $93.48

It cost her $93.48 up front to buy the 8 bulbs.

So the 169.15 minus the 93.48 = $75.67

She saved $75.67 the first year. But here’s the thing. That’s just the FIRST YEAR.

Each of those bulbs are in warranty and covered up to 30,000 hours. If she uses it for 8 hours a day, that LED bulb will last… over 10 years!

The electric bill won’t go up too much in the next 10 years, but let’s say it skyrockets up to .15 cents (many states are lower than .10)

Her 10 year total electric bill will be $315.36
Compared to her OLD bill which would’ve been $2,277.60 (her total cost even more since she would have to replace the bulbs every 2 – 3 years)

Over the life span of the bulb, she will save $1,962.24

Think about that for a second.

She will save almost $2,000 over 10 years just by paying $93 for 8 LED bulbs.

Just on her kitchen.

On top of that, these LED bulbs are environment-friendly. It’s the same brightness – if not more. It actually makes her kitchen look much more beautiful. There’s no hazardous mercury content. She can easily recycle them after 10 years. They never get hot since they are LEDs and there’s no heat build-up. No UV. And lastly, a much wider beam angle (110 degree flood area).

I want you to do your own math. Get your electric bill out and calculate how much you can save on your bill. If you want some estimates, feel free to reply back and I’ll help you out.

The entire world is shifting towards LED lights. If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook page, you’ll see hundreds of businesses, many cities and government entities transitioning to LED. It just makes more financial and environmental sense.

Spend the money upfront now and save thousands on your own electric bill.

Try our LED bulbs. Screw them on and see the difference. If you’re not convinced, return them within 30 days for your full money back. You lose nothing. On the contrary, you save money.

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