Corn Bulbs

Corn Lights are also called Corncobs, LED Cobs, Downlight Cob or Corn Bulbs because they resemble an ear of corn.  They are very bright and project uniform light 360° making them ideal for use in large areas that must be lit for a greater percentage of the day such as public areas, high bay lighting, up lighting, stage lighting.

The corn bulb is comprised of individual LED lights which can vary in number depending upon size and style of bulb. What makes the corn bulb a popular choice for inside/outside commercial use is the construction of the bulb. The LED chips are built directly on the circuit board which means thermal conductivity goes directly to the chips which reduces heat production by 25%.   Less heat means higher efficiency, longer lasting, and savings on energy.

Our corn lights have intelligent temperature control technology built into the drivers. Intelligent temperature control technology effectively keeps LED temperature from increasing when it reaches a certain level and protects circuit being damaged in the closed environment. Excellent heat dissipation design of our aluminum fin heat sink with active air  exchange cooling system ensures LED lights work normally even in the closed environment.  Increases the light visibility range covering a wide surface (wide beam angle)

Our 3600 lumens is equivalent to a 150 watt non-LED bulb .  To do the math, you are getting about 48 lumens per watt!    LED’s are measured in lumens not watts  –  lumens vary from bulb to bulb – make sure you are getting the best value for your money!  Click here to find out more about LUMENS.

Our corn bulbs are ROHS compliant which means that these bulbs are mercury-free and emit virtually no UV or IL light as well as CE certified and ETL listed.  The bulb is waterproof, built with fire retardant plastics and easy to clean. It can be used in sealed IP65 fixtures and in wet locations.

These bulbs are powered by input voltage of 100-277V AC, and utilize a standard screw in base (either E26 or E39) making them suitable for use in ceiling fixtures, indoor and outdoor luminaires and high-bay/low-bay lighting fixtures. When used in fixtures with E39 sockets. 100-277V input voltage must be wired directly to the socket. Ballasts and capacitors must be bypassed or removed by a qualified electrician.

The details:

  • Less glare.
  • 360 degree lighting
  • Eco Friendly
  • Improved lighting efficiency and eliminates UV radiation
  • 3 Year warranty 30,000 hours ** Click here to see warranty**
  • Lower electric bill, lower maintenance, lower installation costs
  • Covered protecting them from bugs, dust and humidity
  • NO mercury or lead
  • Fits into standard lighting receptacle
  • Lamp requires no ballast
  • Lights can now be used in homes, schools, offices, hotels, shopping centers and homes.
  • E39 Mogul Base Corn 30 watt COOL WHITE replaces 150 watt bulb.
  • or
  • E26 Base Corn 30 watt COOL WHITE replaces 150 watt bulb;
  • Non Dimmable
  • LED corn bulbs are excellent replacements for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) lights.   Replacing the conventional CFL, HPS, HID, metal halide lamps and traditional lamps
  • Modular designed power supply & light modules
  • 360º illumination-not typically not recommended for enclosed fixtures use (like parking garage canopies)
  • Aluminum fin heat sink with active air exchange cooling system (faster heat dissipation)
  • ETL Listed, ROHS; available 277V version as an option
  • ROHS compliant
  • SMD3528 Chips
  • 30,000 hrs. lifespan is based on 10 hours per day usage-beyond 10 hours may shorten life of bulb
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