LED Flood Light, Exterior, Waterproof, Bright Light, No Delay Start, Instant On, 30,000 Hour Warranty

Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and other high-intensity-discharge lighting take an average of 2 to 6 minutes to reach full brightness while LED flood lights shine bright from the moment you turn them on.

They also have no restrike time: Where HID lighting needs to cool before it can be turned on again, LED lights are always ready to go, eliminating lighting issues caused by current interruptions and voltage drops.

They also last up to ten times longer and operate at half the wattage while still providing high lumen output.

With IP65-rating and heavy-duty construction, our LED flood light fixtures are commercial quality and the best choice for outdoor use. EXTREMELY HIGH IP65 RATING PROTECTION makes it waterproof. Perfect for any weather! This flood light will light up whether rain or shine. The IP rating checks to see how water and dust particles can get through the enclosure. The higher the rating, the more powerful the enclosure.

  • SHATTER-PROOF BOROSILICATE GLASS is used. Powerful glass enclosure makes it impossible to shatter the strong glass.
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY design gives the flood lights better thermo-conductivity. This means NO heating problems at all. You can touch the glass without burning yourself.
  • 3-YEARS WARRANTY OR 30,000 HOURS which is the duration of the flood light. It is covered under warranty for its entire lifespan.

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