BR40 (R40) Large LED Indoor Flood Light Bulb – Dimmable – 100Watt Equal – 1174 Lumens – 4000K

 $15.50 per Unit


Product Description

BR40 LED Indoor Flood Light Bulb (also known as R40) shines 4000K day white color to brighten any room.  Our BR40 is the highest 100 watt equivalent bulb online at 1174 lumens.  To do the math, you are getting 84 lumens per watt!    LED’s are measured in lumens not watts  –  lumens vary from bulb to bulb – make sure you are getting the best value for your money!  Click here to find out more about LUMENS.

This bulb is dimmable.

BR or Bulged Reflector which refers to the shape and the interior reflective coating bulbs are designed to direct the light forward giving the most light possible.

The BR40 bulb produces a 110 degree beam angle to brighten the whole area not just a spotlight.  The bulb is rounded but measures 5 inches across to replace those Large Indoor Flood bulbs.  If you want 3.75″ across then shop our smaller BR30 bulbs.  Both sizes fit on a standard e26 base.

Our bulbs are cool to the touch because they are engineered with openings to release heat so there is no buildup as with the older incandescent or other poorly designed cheaper LED bulbs on the market.  Our bulbs are Energy Star Certified so you can be confident that you will consume less energy – about 20% less than with older incandescent lighting.

Our high quality LED bulbs are engineered for long life it 30,000 hours of lifespan which is about a 3 year warranty based on maximum use of 24 hours of use a day.  View our warranty for more details.

In review:

  • 4000k pleasant energizing day white color
  • 84 Lumens per watt – the highest available online
  • 110-130v
  • Dimmable
  • Energy Star certified, and ETL Listed
  • Fits on a standard e26 base
  • LED Indoor Flood Light BR40 fits same as R40
  • Only 15w of energy produces up to 100 watts of bright light
  • 110-degree beam angle – Bulb Size is 5 inch across
  • 30,000 hours of lifespan
  • 3-year warranty
  • SMD2835 LED chips
  • BR40 defined as B = Bulged, R= Reflector, 40 = 40 1/8 diameter or 5 inches across

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