Top 6 LED Lighting Blogs to Follow

We at Total Lights not only sell LED lights, but we’re extremely passionate about it. Our mission is to let everyone know about the hottest new trends and improvements, as well as milestones in the LED lighting technology.

That’s why we encourage all our employees to study and read, and we encourage you as well.

To begin with – we already know the benefits of LED lighting for our homes and businesses, and the environment in general. But to be fully immersed into the LED world, we’ve highlighted 25 key blogs that are essential reads to understand and educate ourselves and each other on the new LED technology.

1. LEDs Magazine (

This one takes the top spot for its amazing layout and consistent quality updates. It also features conferences that come up, events, and exhibitions.

From articles, videos, to podcasts, this website is the ultimate resource for staying up-to-date on the new LED technology.

2. LEDinside (

LEDinside is right behind LEDs Magazine for a website that offers amazing resources on the LED market and its trends.

The LEDforum 2015 is a very important conference about the evolving LED technology and LEDinside did a remarkable job in updating those of us throughout the way that weren’t able to attend.

3. LED Journal (

Offers a large selection of guest blogs from experts that have great insight into the LED market and technology.

We especially love the section that goes into technical features, drivers and controls.

4. EdisonReport (

Very up-to-date and provides more of a general outlook on the lighting market with a focus on LED lights.

This website also features a great job listings section that could be useful to those looking to break into a career in the LED industry.

5. Green Technology Media (

This website is extremely cool and has more of a “Gizmodo” feel to the LED technology and the “Green environment” theme. You can easily spend hours on this website.

From flying robots to solar technology, this website will update you to all technology that’s “Green” and related to making our planet safe.

6. Extreme Tech (

We love technology, and so should you. While this isn’t strictly focused on LED lighting – it’s still a great resource for where the tech community is geared towards.

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