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New Exit LED and Emergency Lighting

When seconds count, exit and emergency lighting must be bright, sturdy, and reliable then we can say amazing things. Totallights now offers a complete LED line of exit and emergency lighting that ables it to fulfill new industry standards, offers improved performance, and stands up to customer expectations. Different color combinations are seen in the exit and enter sign. Extruded aluminum finish lamp housing High Grade Acrylic Face with bright LED, Mount is universal, perfect for any application on [...]

LEDs for Green World

LEDs for New Worlds LED technology is fulfilling the modern human species need for power in a more useful way than ever before. Not only over the past human demand and satisfaction but also the low cost of LEDs, its quality and efficiency have risen making them be practical options worldwide. Best Solutions for Nations According to our expectation, LEDs have furthered developed countries in different ways, but they’re also having an effective impact in developing areas of the world: *Swiftly improving the [...]

Energy Efficiency

Why you need to switch to LED from the conventional lighting? Increasing the energy efficiency in your home doesn’t mean sacrificing high style or breaking the bank. The evolution and increasing familiarity of LED lighting over the last several years means homeowners can swap their traditional lighting schemes indoor and out for brighter light at bigger savings. INDOOR LED LIGHTING Recessed lighting took kitchen design by storm a few years ago, but recent regulations that limit the manufacture and  importing of incandescent bulbs [...]

Warehouse light

How to Light Your Warehouse Effectively ​Lighting a warehouse can become very daunting to building owners. It is a financial investment, requires maintenance and takes planning, yet, it is crucial. Warehouse lighting isn’t so much about décor as it is functionality and efficiency. In order to maintain a productive warehouse, it’s important to have the proper lighting systems in place. Since this space typically has few windows, high ceilings and shelving units, it’s important to consider all aspects when outlining [...]


Your Guide to Finding the Right Bulb, How to choose the right one? Trying to determine which light bulb you need can send your head spinning. It can be very confusing with so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. You may even be questioning why there is such a wide variety of choices. Light fixtures are generally specific about which light bulb can be used so it’s important to know exactly what you are looking for. Luckily, of [...]

Br30 & Br40

What is the Difference between a BR30 and BR40 Bulb? If you have recessed cans for lighting in your home or office and need to replace the bulbs, you may discover that there are several options to choose from. If you want to light a more specific area, for instance, you might choose a PAR shaped bulb, which more sharply focuses its light. But for the sake of this article, we’ll discuss the two bulbs most commonly used in recessed cans [...]