Product Tag - emergency UFO style high bay light

  • LED UFO Highbay Light 150W / 250W, Motion Sensor, Emergency backup

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    Suitable for use in places require high bay lighting factories, workshops, warehouses, logistics, centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, shipyards, mines, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, and the like.

    • 2019 Private mold, unique design,
    • AC120-277V/AC120-347V/AC277-480V optional,
    • 2835 SMD LED,
    • High efficiency 150lm/w or 170lm/w,
    • High power factor low,
    • THD driver with 4kV surge protection,
    • Microwave sensor and Emergency backup option,
    • IP66 waterproof, dust, corrosion, and pressure-proof,
    • Operating temperature: -40℃~45℃,
    • 5 years warranty
  • LED SUNRISE UFO Highbay Light 100W / 150W, White, Emergency backup

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    Specially designed for food processing & production. High performance & high-quality lighting equipment.

    • NSF Certificate,
    • IP65 & IP69K Rated,
    • 100-277V , 277-480V for options,
    • No glass, no exposed screws, no toxic chemicals for food safety,
    • Smooth design, easy to clean,
    • Motion sensor, 1-10V Dimming available, S
    • Stainless steel mounting hook and IP65 & IP69K make it suitable for harsh conditions