T8 LED Tube Light 4FT, Energy Saving 22W 30,000hrs Lifetime
t8 ledt8 led

T8 LED Tube Light 4FT, Energy Saving 22W 30,000hrs Lifetime

Replace those fluorescent tubes that have half the lifespan of these tubes. These bright, energy-efficient tubes are bright and efficient for reception areas, lobbies, Commercial Lighting, Hotels, Offices, Retail, Schools, Warehouse/Factory, Restaurants, Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities, Residential: Basements, Laundry & Kitchen,

  • UL Listed, LM79 & LM80, DLC Rebate Certified, FCC,
  • End Bi-Pin (4 Foot) & Single Pin (8 Foot),
  • Safety: Constant current, constant power
  • Instant On, Even Light,
  • No Buzzing, No Flickering,
  • Efficient Energy Savings up to 60%,
  • Lifespan:30,000 Hours,
  • Dimmable
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T8 LED tubes produce the same amount of light while using less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. 4-foot LED tubes also last far longer, reducing relamping costs. For foodservice applications, look for LED tubes with a shatter-resistant coating that meets NSF requirements.

  • Dimmable tubes can be used in areas where adjustable brightness is desired.
  • 4-foot LED tubes that are DLC certified have been tested to meet strict efficiency standards and can provide additional energy savings.
  • DLC-certified tubes may also qualify for state or local rebates.
  • 4-foot LED tubes are available in three types: plug-and-play, ballast bypass, and hybrid.
  • Plug-and-play tubes are the easiest to install,
  • Simply plugging into the fixture as long as the ballast is compatible
  • Ballast bypass, or direct wire lamps, requires that the ballast be removed (or bypassed)
  • This eliminates a potential failure point and ballast maintenance
  • The fixture must also be rewired depending on the lamp’s single-ended or double-ended operation.
  • Single-ended tubes require power only on one end,
  • Double-ended tubes require power at both ends. 

Hybrid tubes are a combination of both plug-and-play and ballast bypass tubes. These 4-foot LED tubes start out as plug-and-play lamps. Once the ballast reaches the end of its life, the lamp can then be used as a ballast bypass lamp by removing the ballast and rewiring the fixture.

We provide a 5 years limited product warranty and obviously a great after-sales service.


Item number 304C2-22W
LED Quantity 100pcs
Power 22W
Luminous flux 2310lm
Color temperature (C.C.T/K) 6000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >83Ra
Input Voltages AC85-277V
Frequency Range 50Hz~60Hz
Working temperature -40°C ~ 55°C
Material The aluminum alloy heat sink
Diffused PC material Recyclable materials
Lifespan >30000 Hrs
Warranty time 5 years
Mounting End Bi-Pin (4 Foot)
Option Dimmable


Specification and User Manual

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